Parent Involvement

Parents are an important part of School Readiness. We would like you to participate in your child’s school year in ways that will be meaningful to your entire family. Every family will probably choose different ways to be involved, and that’s OK. Each of you have different skills and strengths, different work schedules, and a different family makeup. We hope that you will find a way to be involved with the program that works for you. The following are some examples of how you can involve your self in your child’s education this year and ideas for the years to come.


  • Enroll in an ECFE class during fall, winter or spring
  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Write a grant or bundle receipts
  • Attend special parent/child fun times and gym nights
  • Join our Parent Advisory Committee
  • Read books to your child each day
  • Attend a special Parent’s Only Class or special event
  • Take an online parenting class
  •  Check out our lending library books, pamphlets, audiotapes and videos
  •  Set up a field experience for your child’s class
  •  Serve on a district committee
  •  Fix broken classroom toys or furniture
  •  Join VITAL (Volunteers In Teaching And Learning)
  •  Help at book fairs, field days, school-picture days,
  •  Parents help at each of the screening
  •  Parents remind other parents of the importance of student attendance
  •  Parents act as classroom monitors when students take standardized tests
  •  Parents serve as tour guides to parents who are new to the school and the area
  •  Parents remind other parents of meeting times or special events


All in all, we want you be an involved parent - it’s up to you as to how. You know your schedule and special expertise best.

Contact: Dawn Bly