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The guideWELD® VR welding simulator is at Fosston High School!
The guideWELD® VR welding simulator is a virtual reality welding simulator that enables students to rapidly refine basic welding skills, learn proper welding technique and explore welding career paths in a safe, virtual environment, without the need for consumables like metal and gas.  The welding simulator trailers are part of a $900,000 grant intended to give students exposure to high skill, high wage jobs in Northwest Minnesota.   Pine to Prairie Cooperative Center, in conjunction with Northland Community and Technical College, purchased four trailers which are shared among the Pine to Prairie Cooperative school districts.   The grant is also being shared with Lakes Country Service Cooperative located in Fergus Falls, MN.  There are two trailers that are set-up as mobile welding labs.  Each trailer has five welding simulators and one guide-weld welder which provides feedback to the students through sensors in the welding helmet.  There are two other trailers that are set-up as mobile manufacturing labs.  These trailers have manufacturing modules that teach different aspects of a manufacturing process.  The modules can then be placed together to form a complete manufacturing process.  The manufacturing trailers also include a state of the art robot which the students program to do a variety of pick-up and place tasks.  These robots are fully articulated so they act very similar to the way a human shoulder, arm and hand work.  Very cool stuff!  Each school will have the trailers for approximately 6 weeks before it moves on to the next school. 

Fosston High School’s Industrial Technology/Welding Instructor, Mr. Randall Sims (  )  and other instructors from area schools who are using the mobile labs, where given five days of training in August.  The training was provided by Joel Ziegler, Welding instructor at Northland Community and Technical College, and Andrew Dahlen, Electronic Technology/Automated Systems instructor at Northland Community and Technical College.   Both training instructors did an outstanding job presenting the curriculum to the teachers, as well as providing leadership and technical support while the equipment is in use. 

The ultimate goal of the trailers is to introduce students to many exciting career opportunities in manufacturing.  The trailers are also outfitted with folders which hold free information for students looking for additional information on career opportunities or post-secondary education options. See more information at:

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